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Welcome to Simple System (Yorkshire Dales) Ltd


What do we do?




What can Equine Touch help?

  • Help relieve muscle tension and stiffness
    Reduce the pain spiral
  • Help reduce emotional stress
  • Stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage which can aid healing
  • Performance healing for equine athletes
  • Relaxation and detoxification after illness or strenuous exercise
  • Stimulation and detoxification for horses on box rest
  • Deep relaxation and promoting general well being at a maintenance level
  • Holistic rebalancing of the body following and form of adjustment - foot trimming, dental work, chiropractic etc
  • Encourage muscle recovery from injury

What is Equine Touch(ET)? The official definition is:

It is a non-diagnostic, non-invasive energy and muscle release discipline that works at a complete, holistic level; in other words it addresses the equine as a whole.

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NB: There is a 50% discount on a session for every referral that you make that results in an ET session!!

I am qualified in both Equine Touch and VHT (the human form) and I can arrange a session for a combines session

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