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What are WOW Saddles and the concept? Check out this link to the manufacturers:

First Thought Equine Ltd

A Saddle For Life!


As you can see they are a totally modular saddle with interchangeable parts!. This means that you can have, for example dressage or jumping flaps or BOTH and interchange them as well as positioning them in different positions! It also means, due to the interchangeable head piece and variety of panels, that all backs can be correctly fitted and the width altered as the horse develops, which saves a fortune in changing saddles, or having them re-flocked etc, especially with the patented Flair system.

Personally I have been using a WOW for 5 years and I have to say that I would not be riding now without it! Basically I need a hip replacement and I find that the narrow twist on the seat allows me to sit without having to "open up" the hip which, with a conventional saddle would mean that I can't walk for 2 days afterwards!

What has also really excited us is the tremendous versatility in girthing, from  H girthing (which has quickly become our favourite) to Military girthing etc.

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FIT FLAIR TO YOUR EXISTING SADDLE!! For me there is nothing like riding on flair. Comfortable for both the horse and rider, and it allows us to set the saddle up correctly as the rider's positions strengthens and the horse's shape alters with training. You can NOW have flair fitted to your existing saddle, which apart from the obvious advantages means that there are no more expensive re-flocking etc.

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What is really interesting is that an independent scientific study has shown that there is significantly less pressure per cm/sq with the flair system, than with a traditional flocked saddle, with a quicker return to normal pressure after jumping being highly significant!


The New WOW Western will be produced in two versions the round skirt (shown) and the square skirt.  The tree is adjustable in the same way that our English saddles can be changed, with a headplate!  You can use an English headplate with no horn or a western that carries the detachable horn for easier adjustment of the saddle's fit.  All saddles come with a Western Korrector The Adjustable Air Pad for the ultimate comfort for your horse and balance of your saddle.
The most versatile & adaptable modular saddle with inter-changeable Seats, Flaps, Panels, Headplates.
A versatile Dressage Saddle with Inter-changeable Headplate and Foam Panels.
The Air Flocking System

FLAIR® is a system of air bags designed to replace the flocking in all conventional saddles to provide a soft, flexible and even bearing surface without pressure points.


The Korrector saddle pad uses air and foam technology that can be adjusted by the rider to give full day to day control of the fit of their saddle on one or more horses.
Equiform can be used as an aid in the purchase of new or second hand saddle, a guide for the saddler when re flocking and a template in the manufacture of a custom saddle.


If you want to discuss how we can help, please contact us on:

01729 840876 or by mail: Ruth@equinetouch.net

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